The BrüMate Era Is The New Designated It-Girl Tumbler, & It Actually Lives Up to The Hype

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TL;DR: Best BrüMate Picks You Need To Add To Cart ASAP

• Editor's Pick: Era 40 oz, $44.99

• Most Popular: Hopsulator Slim, $24.99

The BrüMate Era Is The New Designated It-Girl Tumbler, & It Actually Lives Up to The Hype

• Coolest Find: BackTap™, $199.99 $189.99

If you're in your "it girl" era, you need the BrüMate Era. Let us explain by first rewinding back five years ago to 2019, when the "VSCO girl" aesthetic was taking over our social media feeds and we were all rushing to buy the newest HydroFlask colors or proudly toting around the dented ones we've had since years prior. We adorned our Hydros with stickers that we felt embodied our personalities, and maximalism was the name of the decorating game. Flash forward a little time later, and just as suddenly as Silly Bandz came & went back in the early 2010s, HydroFlasks were out and Stanley Cups were in (& we're not referring to the NHL). Around the same time, the "clean girl" aesthetic was taking hold, and the two have ruled our FYPs for the past couple years. But, in light of some recent buzz, it seems like the reusable water bottle pyramid rankings will be changing, and that's what we're here to discuss today.

2024 is the year of the "it girl," and we're fully here for it. We're prioritizing self-care, treating & loving ourselves, doing what makes us feel & look our best, and all that jazz. Of course, with a new aesthetic (although, we'd describe the "it girl" as more of a lifestyle), we need a new representative hydration companion, one that passes the vibe check with flying colors. Enter the BrüMate Era: a first-of-its-kind water tumbler that has everything we want & need in an essential tumbler & more, from the leakproof lid (yes, even with a straw!) to the metal straw to the wide range of trendy-chic colors to boot. If you're looking for confirmation on whether the Era hype is real, just take a look at the site — the brand is constantly selling out on both its 40-ounce & 30-ounce Eras, even with newly released colors & multiple restocks. And, it's not just the tumbler: BrüMate is known for its stellar selection of beverage-centric products, from the shopper-loved Hopsulator Slim & MultiShaker to the spring activities-ready BrüTank, BackTap & more.

Check out each product in more detail below & get ready to invest in your "it girl" Era; your future, non-FOMOing self will thank you.

Era 40oz

Whether you've amassed a museum-worthy tumbler collection over the years or this is your first time dipping your toe in the water of reusable bottles, the 40-ounce Era tumbler is a game-changer all the same. It's intuitively designed from top to bottom — the fully leakproof lid works for both cold & carbonated liquids; the metal straw minimizes the amount of plastic touching your beverage; the cup-holder friendly base allows for easy enjoyment on the road; and the BevGuard technology keeps ice for 24+ hours. Plus, the rubber grip lid allows you to easily open your Era without having to touch the straw, and the comfort grip handle enables easy carrying wherever you go.

Choose from a wide breadth of aesthetic colors/designs and two sizes; if the 40-ounce size option (pictured) feels too much for you, we recommend trying out the equally customer-loved 30-ounce Era tumbler! It also comes in a wide range of colors and innovative features like the 40-ounce Era.


Toddy XL 32oz

Now that you've got your leakproof cold beverages covered, it's time to secure your warm drinks, too. The cult-fave Toddy XL is a 32-ounce coffee mug that's cup holder friendly and 100% leakproof for hot, cold, and carbonated beverages. It's also outfitted with a non-slip base, and it has the ability to keep your drinks cold for 24+ hours & warm for six hours. All the insulation, none of the metallic taste that comes with typical travel mug insulation.



Elevate your daily wellness routine with the MultiShaker, which is packed chockfull of cool features unlike any other gym shaker we've come across in our time. It's fitted with a MagFlip lid and a removable agitator that doubles as an infuser, along with an easy carry handle and non-slip base. The attention to detail with this one is just *chef's kiss.*


NAV 22oz

Designed with all the busy bees in mind, the 22-ounce NAV is cup-holder friendly, 100% leakproof (for hot, cold & carbonated beverages), and double-threaded for left or right-handed use. The BevLock Technology seals the lid tight to prevent spills, and the magnetic closure keeps the lid open for seamless sipping.


Uncork'd XL

Take your wine to-go with this this insulated wine tumbler, which holds over half a bottle of wine, has BevGuard insulation to keep it the perfect temperature for each & every drop,, and keeps beverages cold for 12 hours or hot for three. The non-slip base is complemented by the 100% leakproof BevLock lid — may your drinks be un-spillable and your toasts memorable.


Rotera 35oz

For a classic, chic water bottle that will make all-day hydration easier than ever, the Rotera is the way to go. It's designed with an intuitive twist-to-sip straw lid that lets you sip without touching tour straw, and it's fully leakproof when used with cold, non-carbonated beverages. The bottle is also fitted with a durable silicone sleeve for added protection, along with BevGuard technology that keeps water ice-cold for 24+ hours without any metallic taste. It's available in a wide range of classic & limited-edition colors, including this aesthetic, three-tone pastel edition.


Rotera 25oz

The Rotera is available in 25-ounce and 65-ounce options as well, and that includes special editions like the one pictured with flower detailing here. This particular bottle is from the Poppy Collection, a collaboration between BrüMate and influencer Holley Grabrielle — check out all the fan-fave styles from the special collection here.


Hopsulator Duo

Every sip of your canned beverage will feel colder than the last with this Hopsulator Duo, which is designed with the brand's patented two-in-one technology with a tailored fit for 12-ounce cans along with a Bevlock lid that converts the can info a fully leakproof tumbler. The power duo also features the brand's Push-Lock technology, so you can easily insert and remove your cans without having to unscrew the gasket.


Hopsulator Slim

If your beverage is on the taller side, opt for the Hopsulator Slim to keep your drink ice-cold from start to finish. The cooler sleeve fits 12-ounce slim cans, and is equipped with a non-slip base and Push-Lock technology for ease of use (that is, minus all the hassle of unscrewing the gasket).

$24.99BrüMatereadGoing Camping for Spring Break? These Affordable Amazon Packing Essentials Will Make You One Happy Camper

Hopsulator Bott'l

It's commonly known that beer just tastes better from a glass bottle — but that doesn't include a lukewarm glass of beer or those last few sips in the bottle. Enter the Hopsulator Bott'l, which will keep every sip, from start to finish, refreshingly ice-cold.


BrüTank 35-Quart Rolling Cooler

If you're in charge of keeping everyone's drinks at the function ice-cold (not just yours), this chic rolling cooler has you covered. Available in six elevated colors, the cooler is perfect for camping & beach days to backyard BBQs, tailgating, & more. It's 30% lighter and smaller than its 55-quart counterpart, and it's decked out with cool features like a removable, self-tapping drink tank and a built-in bottle opener.


MagPack 18-Can Shoulder Sling Soft Cooler

If you're looking for something a bit more portable, check out the MagPack soft cooler collection, which includes three sizes (12-can, 18-can, 24-can capacities) in four stylish colorways. The 18-can cooler is the most popular option, and it's ideal for weekend getaways, picnics & more. It only weighs 6.3 pounds when it's empty can can keep ice cool for 24+ hours; plus, it's designed with a completely leakproof lid, easy-carry shoulder strap, and convenient dry storage for all your valuables.



Bring the party wherever you go with this two-in-one backpack cooler & beverage dispenser. The BackTap holds three gallons of liquid that can be dispensed directly from the built-in tap. Or, you can opt to use it as a cooler that holds up to 14 cans and ice. When you're ready to change locations, easily take it with you using the durable, supportive backpack straps.



Refills, anyone? Keep the good, chill times rolling no matter where you're at with the brewery-approved Growl'r. Designed to keep your beer cold, carbonated, and oh-so-refreshing for 48+ hours, this insulated, leakproof jug allows you to bring your favorite brew on your next adventure without worrying about it going flat or lukewarm. We'll cheers to that!



If you're more of a cocktail or liquor person yourself, the Fifth has your name written on it. Made from mobile mixology, the canteen features a 25-ounce capacity for holding a full fifth of alcohol, a jigger built into the lid, and the brand's BevGuard technology to keep your liquor cold for 24+ hours. The best part is, it's 43% off right now!


ReHydration Mini 16oz

The Rehydration Mini is the perfect solution for those who like to pack light on the daily, whether you're commuting, going on a picnic, heading to the gym, or more. It's equipped with a leakproof straw lid, a cup-holder friendly base, and an easy-carry handle for easy carrying wherever you go. It's available in eight trendy colors/designs (all on sale!), but OMG, how cute is this hot pink one? Totally Barbiecore.


Bottle & Tumbler Cleaning Essentials Bundle

Now that you've stocked up on all the tumblers & bottles you need, you'll need something to help you care for them. This cleaning essentials bundle is the perfect solution, featuring the brand's BrüBrush with two cleaning heads, along with the all-natural VooBrü cleaning tablets.


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