How the U.S. Botched Its COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

On a frigid morning in January, Trudy Ronnel settled into her favorite sofa chair at the Westminster Place senior-living community in Evanston, Ill., pulled down the neckline on her red… Read more

How Climate Change Feeds Instability

If you pick up the newspaper these days, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed by the headlines: historic wildfires, a deadly pandemic and an impending U.S. election unlike any in… Read more

Mammogram Guidelines Are Changing

For decades, women have received changing advice about who should mammogram screenings for breast cancer, and how often. The guidelines have been especially variable for women in their 40s—leading them… Read more

Michael Pollan on the Psychedelic Renaissance and Netflix’s New ‘How to Change Your Mind’ Documentary_1

For decades, psychedelics have evoked a freewheeling past, calling to mind images of hippie counterculture and swirly neon patterns. Recently, however, psychedelics have become synonymous with serious, forward-looking science. Researchers… Read more

Paxlovid Doesn’t Work for Healthier Patients, Pfizer Says

Pfizer Inc. plans to stop enrollment in a study of its COVID-19 drug in patients who aren’t at high risk of severe disease after the pill didn’t help alleviate their… Read more

Long COVID Isn’t the Only Post-Viral Illness

In the 1980s, many people in the medical community treated chronic fatigue syndrome as a punchline. Some doctors dismissed patients’ debilitating symptoms, including crushing fatigue and crashes after exercise, as… Read more

Sea Levels Might Rise Because of This Unstable Glacier

Melting ice sheets in the Antarctic, particularly one of the largest and unstable glaciers in the region, could significantly accelerate global sea level rise, according to a new report. The… Read more

The Classroom Culture War Spreads to Climate

If you attend a college-level earth science class in Ohio in the coming years, you might learn about how climate change is causing heat waves, flooding, and record storms, and… Read more

SpaceX Launches New Rocket But Explosions End Test Flight

SpaceX launched its mega rocket Starship but lost both the booster and the spacecraft in a pair of explosions minutes into Saturday’s test flight. The rocketship reached space following liftoff… Read more
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