Jennifer Aniston Proves Her Workout Routine Is Anything But Easy

Jennifer Aniston Reveals the Fitness Secret to Her Amazing Body!

The one where Jennifer Aniston's workout HITT the spot.

The Friends alum is often praised for having an incredible figure, but it's no small feat to maintain her toned physique. After all, she recently showed off her intense fitness routine with Pvolve—a low-impact, high-resistance method—that involved using multiple weights, a slanted board, resistant bands and other equipment.

"If you're having one of THOSE Mondays," Jennifer captioned her Feb. 26 Instagram. "I FEEL YOU. Just gotta do it!!"

In the video, the 55-year-old could be seen standing on top of the slanted board while she squatted and then kicked her leg out to the side. She also did mountain climbers and push-ups, before dramatically collapsing to the ground. 

"I'm done," she said in the short clip, as she laid face-down on the floor. "You know those days when you just don't want to do it? You just gotta do it."

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Despite the intensity, the Murder Mystery star isn't afraid to break a sweat. In fact, the actress' trainer Dani Coleman revealed Jen loves a challenging work out.

"Jen likes a nice balance of our Sculpt and Burn format, which is using strengthening blocks with cardio bursts in-between," the Pvolve's Director of Training exclusively told E! News in November. "One of the beautiful things about functional fitness is, because it mimics how your body moves in everyday life, your body will feel energized."

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And if you're motivated to exercise, but The Morning Show star's routine is too intense for you, Dani offered the best advice.

"It's always about starting small with your goals," the fitness trainer noted. "You know, getting those 10,000 steps in or choosing the stairs over the elevator. It's those small, daily choices that build up to the idea of Jennifer Aniston."

Plus, there are various ways to work on your body.

"Something that I really respect and admire about Jen," Dani continued, "is that she's been practicing self-care and prioritizing her wellness throughout her entire life. Consistency is key. When you look at someone like Jen, it's a whole lifetime practice."

Zoey Grossman / Courtesy of Pvolve

Of course, Jennifer isn't the only celebrity to share her workout secrets. Keep reading to see stars' favorite way to whip themselves into shape.

Jennifer Aniston Proves Her Workout Routine Is Anything But Easy

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